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To Measure at home

Make sure you have a pencil, scissors and ruler at hand.
First of all print off the measuring gauge ensuring your printer is set to 100%. You can check it has printed at the right size by comparing the millimetre markings against a ruler.
Cut along the dashed line to remove the width measure from the sheet.

  • 1. Always measure your child's feet without shoes but with the correct thickness of socks for the shoes they will be wearing.
  • 2. Place the gauge on a hard surface
  • 3. Ask your child to place one foot on the paper ensuring the back of the heel is on the heel line and not over the line.
  • 4. Ask your child to look straight ahead and distribute the weight equally between both feet.
  • 5. Measure the length of the longest toe.
  • 6. Take the width measurement by wrapping the width measure around your child's foot at the widest point from the big toe joint to the little toe joint, a diagonal measurement. Pull the measure gently and read the measurement where it meets the starting point.
One foot is often slightly bigger than the other, always work with the larger foot.

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